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If you have a GP referral, you will be eligible for a rebate of $85 per session. 

If you have private health insurance, you may also receive a rebate.

There is no out of pocket for DVA gold card holders. Bulk Billing is also available for veterans without a gold card.

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The current fee per 60 minutes is $184.80 ( with a medicare referral you will get $84.80 back). You pay on the day with a credit or debit card and your rebate is back with you the following day. 

For concession card holders out of pocket cost is $55.20 per session.



Research shows that psychotherapy is safe and effective.

All treatment provided by this practise utilises evidence based techniques.

For more information about how psychotherapy has been shown to help people, click here 




Your sessions are confidential.

The only thing that overrides confidentiality is your own safety, or the safety of someone else or a court subpoena.

Otherwise nothing gets shared with your doctor or anyone else unless you want it to be shared.


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Phone consults

If you can't attend face to face, phone consults or skype sessions are available, but medicare and insurance rebates may not apply.

Phone consults between face to face sessions are sometimes provided free of charge, at the discretion of your psychologist.